Budaun is very holi place in India. According to Prof. Goti John this city was named BEDAMOOTH in an ancient inscription (stone writeup,) which is now in Lucknow Museum. In that Period this pradesh was known as PANCHAL . According to a line of that Stone Writeup there was a village “BHADAUNLAK” near it. Muslim Historian Mr. Roz Khan Lodhi said that King Ashoka Built a Buddh Vihar & Quila and he named it BuddhMau . Geographically BUDAUN City is located near Holy River GANGA , at Lattitude 28 Degree 02 Minute 30 Second East & Longitude 79 Degree 01 Minute 20 Second North on Globe. Length of District is 144 Km. & Width is 60 Km. And Total area of District is 4234Sq. Km. Budaun City is 235 Km. From Delhi & 311 Km. From Lucknow. Budaun has average elevation of 169 meters (554 feet).

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  • Area: 4234.21 Sq. Km.
  • Population: 31,29,000
  • Language: Hindi
  • Villages: 1698
  • Male: 16,71,000
  • Female: 14,58,000
District Magistrate Mrs. NIDHI SRIVASTAVA (IAS)