About District

Budaun is holy land of Great Sufi Saint’s, Auliya, Wali and Peer’s as well as a place of izarat’s. It is very holy place in the India. According to Prof. Goti John this city was named “BEDAMOOTH” in an ancient inscription (stone write-up) which is now in Lucknow Museum. In that Period this pradesh was known as PANCHAL. According to a line of that Stone Write-up there was a village “BHADAUNLAK” near it. Muslim Historian Mr. Roz Khan Lodhi said that King Ashoka Built a Buddh Vihar & Quila and he named it BuddhMau. Geographically BUDAUN City is located near Holy River GANGA, at Lattitude 28 Degree 02 Minute 30 Second East & Longitude 79 Degree 01 Minute 20 Second North on Globe. Length of District is 144 Km. & Width is 60 Km. And Total area of District is 4234Sq. Km. Budaun City is 235 Km. From Delhi & 311 Km. From Lucknow. Budaun has average elevation of 169 meters (554 feet).